Eyes On Hands On, 2010

Working with the book format, Eyes On <-> Hands On collects ten years of experimentation with and reflections on 3D virtual reality as a medium. The book challenges the art book format by inviting a great deal of participation. In addition to the aspects inherent in any art book, each chapter can be taken out of its context and be installed, processed and used for other purposes as the reader may wish. When this happens, the book will no longer be the same, and nor will the reader. This interaction leaves an affective imprint on the body, and the process of negotiation transfers ownership of the work from the book to the reader.

Partners: Oddfishlein, Gitte Søgaard, Iben Hofstede, Gitte Gejl Thaysen, Lisbeth Jørgensen, Ernestine Gejl Wolff.

Medium: Offset print, temperature-responsive coating, CD, anaglyph glasses

Supported by National Arts Foundation