My artistic practice addresses how we, as individuals, interact with various systems.

I am keenly interested in all the systems, circuits and networks that govern our lives, and which we use to organise and automate those lives ‚Äď right from our nervous system to the many socio-historical cultural norms in which we are embedded right from our neonatal beginnings. All these systems share certain traits: they are anchored in a set of codes and meanings that relate to the context which governs and regulates us as human beings, as part of nature and as a society. I employ artistic interventions to break down familiar systems, circuits and networks in order to rebuild them as closely to their starting point as possible ‚Äď but with the addition of a new resource in the form of greater flexibility, elasticity and scope for individual interaction with the system.

In terms of methods and media, my work continues in the artistic tradition that has, from the 1960s onwards, made the physical body an object of reflection in performance, video and installation media. I employ a project format, often developing my works in close co-operation with fellow artists, theorists, professionals, politicians and audiences. The participatory aspects play a special and crucial role in many of my projects; a natural consequence of the fact that the themes I often address must be experienced in states of progress and process in order to yield optimum impact.
Jette Gejl, 2016

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