Oak Wood and Cactuses, 2012

The project explores the aesthetic consequences of actions in an emotionally challenging set-up, the consequences over time of deliberately provoked localised climate change, and the concept of the Anthropocene.

A large mobile consisting of 10cm laser-cut texts cut out from 2cm oak planks hangs from the ceiling. The texts are hung from arrows by means of string and tape. From these arrows cactus plants are hung upside down, their roots swathed in lumps of black and grey wax. Wound in string and other materials, these lumps have been placed along the arrow axis to create equilibrium in the restless movement of the mobile.

The texts form a logical causal syntax when read in succession. The element of movement challenges and disrupts this syntax, forcing the spectator to enter into the rhythm of the mobile.

Partners: Søren Jensen, Erna Christensen

Medium: 100-year old oak planks, cactus plants, plaster, wax, string, piping


Oak trees and cactus plants
are almost equally stupid.
Oak trees grow so slowly
that you get tired
of waiting for that wall bench
so instead you buy one in Swedish pine from IKEA
and cactuses conserve water
even though the poles are melting
and the Earth is about to drown under masses of water