Hyperkinetic Kayak, 2010

Using interaction and 3D virtual reality, this project aims to prompt an affective, emotional and local connection to the consequences of the Anthropocene on remote places that only very few have visited. The abstract resource offered by this project offers greater scope for interpretation and a sense of presence. A Hyperkinetic Kayak fitted with 3D … Read More

Red Green Objective

Red Green Objective is a 3D stereoscopic photography project that challenges the sense of sight. The images can be viewed and experienced in four different ways by means of red/green anaglyph glasses, and individual spectators choose their own mode of perception. In addition to the landscape itself, canonised and embedded with historic references, summer in … Read More

Eyes On <-> Hands On, 2010

Working with the book format, Eyes On <-> Hands On collects ten years of experimentation with and reflections on 3D virtual reality as a medium. The book challenges the art book format by inviting a great deal of participation. In addition to the aspects inherent in any art book, each chapter can be taken out … Read More

3rd Sight, 2009

3rd Sight works with the sense of sight, its direct access to the logical causality of consciousness, and its connection to the multi-sensory perceptive regime of the body. Nine TV monitors are attached to a wooden structure, arranged symmetrically around its central axils. The screens show coarsely pixelated, cacophonic stereoscopic video footage of an absurd … Read More

Stone, Grass, Fabric, 2000–2004

For many years now, I have worked with Peter Møller-Nielsen, associate professor in computer science, on projects that explore 3D as an artistic medium. Together, we have developed a platform that allows us to set up detailed parameters for the formats and effects we want to work with. The first work in the series, Stone, … Read More