15 m3, 2013

The project explores the aesthetic consequences of the Anthropocene and its impact on Earth. Australian sand washed out over the course of 30,000 years has been imported to Denmark, contributing a distinctive materiality and texture shaped over millennia.15m3 of red Australian sand spreads out across a black, painted floor, forming a wealth of topped heaps … Read More

Garden of natural delight 2013

The project serves several objectives: working with the aesthetic consequences of actions in an emotionally challenging set-up; connecting the local and site-specific with wider discussions about the  impact of the Anthropocene aspects in an international perspective, and presenting an extended concept of sculpture within the context of the Sculpture by the Sea festival.In early April, … Read More

Striking Back On Nature, 2011

Projects involving nature as material, exploring the aesthetic consequences and impact of the Anthropocene on the world that we believe we know.Prompted by the political and general discussions about climate change as reported in the press, and by discussions about the Anthropocene, I and Australian artist Bjorn Godwin have launched a range of experiments to … Read More